Mzuri Pro-Til tills only thin strips of soil, applies fertilisers over the whole strip, places seeds in it, at a set and constant depth, providing the ideal environment for quick germination, plant growth and high, perfect quality yields.

The Mzuri Pro-Til technology consists in tilling only thin strips, in which seeds are sown and then plants grow, and later post-harvest residue from the first harvest is left in the untilled inter-rows. This retains moisture and limits organic matter losses, which has a positive impact on the soil’s structure and fertility. Multiple passes of machines for ploughed or ploughless farming lead to soil degradation, excessive compaction, quick mineralisation of organic matter and have a destructive impact on biological life in the soil. Strong compaction interferes with the air-water equilibrium, cutting off easily accessible oxygen and nutrients from the roots of cultivated plants. Mzuri Pro-Til has been designed to assure tillage, fertilisation and sowing in one pass directly over a stubble field.

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In addition to trading in farming and construction machinery, Magrol is also a provider of harvesting grains, rapeseed and corn. Due to the most advanced technologies, the process is executed in an efficient and successful manner, generating cost savings for the client and ensuring the client’s satisfaction. Thank you for visiting us!